The Next Trophy In Your Dogs Cabinet

When you think of trophies and titles your dog can earn you may think of how many rosettes or glassware they have won at various competitions, trials and shows but…are we missing out on some real trophies? or achievements? Ones that can make a truly impactful difference to our dog’s lives…

Introducing the next trophy in your dog’s trophy cabinet! This is the most important one your dog will earn and we are going to show you how to get it in this video right HERE…

The sharing and comments of our last blog post was PHENOMENAL. It made us realise how much you care about the welfare and happiness of dogs all over the world just as we have devoted our lives to. It’s really special to have such an awesome absolute family and in this blog post and over the coming one, we are going to share with you success solutions that make a big difference!

  • Nikki Thurston

    Love this! Can’t wait for next weeks post!

  • Lesley Pugh

    Love this group, looking forward to next week.

  • Anne True-Scrim

    Can’t wait for the next episode. I hope to start my Golden Retriever in retrieving this year and have never known the best way to condition the dog to the gun shot. It never bothered my previous dog so I was lucky but until I expose my current dog have no idea how he will react.

    I also compete in conformation and get surprised at the number of gundog owners who have dogs that totally freak out around load noises or the echos when we compete under cover or where there are show rides. I always think they are Gundogs how would they ever be able to work near gunshot. So it will be interesting to have a better understanding.

  • Christine James

    I am interested in following this topic because my older dog has been terrified of fireworks and thunder since she was a year old – I always think it stemmed from our response to a neighbour letting off a very loud firework 9pm on a summer’s evening – just when my daughter and husband were going out of the door having got the baby off to sleep for their first evening out since she was born. Everyone responded with angry indignant voices afraid it had woken our granddaughter when it actually set our poor dog into a panic. Her response now is to get as close to us as she can – or get into the tightest corner of the room we are in. Not easy when we are out because she attempts to get out to find us. Funnily enough she can sit right in front of the speaker to the tv when fireworks, bangs or thunder are playing loudly – and she doesn’t bat an eyelid! Now my 2 year old has started lunging towards motorbikes – really doesn’t like them. He is not bothered by fireworks nor thunder.

  • Debbie Dust

    As I sit here listening to Max bark at some noise (real or imagined) that only he can hear I look forward to the next episode.

  • Rose

    I would love to know how to help a dog cope with noises you cannot avoid or predict. My collie is over aroused by any vehicle that rattles as it goes past my house (there is a rut in the road), she still reacts to that noise when we are indoors. I have struggled to use the garden to do any training as she cannot focus. I often scatter her food on the lawn but she is still very aware of the noise.