Sound Success

So last week we talked a little bit about some of the research behind noise phobias and how it actually affects more dogs than you think…

This weeks I’m going to take you through a simple yet effective way to start overcoming some of these noise phobias with your own dog.

After all the value of a bombproof dog who isn’t fearful of certain noises they are exposed to in everyday life is infinite.

These are the dogs, you can:
– take for a walk and feel totally relaxed
– take to training class and they learn and perform to their maximum
– take to competition and get the same results you get at home
– relax on every day of the year, even ones with fireworks!

In this blog post, I dive into some of the details of achieving that bombproof dog. When you get it, you won’t look back! In fact, we say it is the best trophy in our dog’s trophy cabinets!