One bombproof sports dog coming right up!

Achieving in sport requires you to get the most in learning and performance from your dog and relationship. To get this, we need a dog that doesn’t get worried or overly aroused by the environments and job that they do as part of the team. How do we get this?

Well, in this video I explain how!

Spending a (very) short amount of time on this leads to leaps in learning and performance. This training is tailored to YOU and YOUR DOG so don’t miss out on it!

I explain how to get a bombproof sports dog in this week’s blog!

  • 5spaniels

    I am going to record the ringside noise of over enthusiastic agility dogs as I feel they can be Scarey for a young dog and also act as a stimulus for an excitable one. If I play the recording & my dog exhibits fear, how should I deal with this?

  • Peggy A Sidewater

    As an example of early noise exposure I have a dog who was originally bred to be a sheep dog. He spent the first 7 weeks of his life in a very noisy lambing shed surrounded by the sounds of sheep and lambs, before you say poor puppy, the consequence is he now just excepts the sound of a normal sheep as a normal sound and has no reaction to it.To his breeder it was very important that pups except the normal sounds of sheep because it will make training them in that noise easier and very important to him that the dog will be able to home its hearing to abnormal sounds from an injured or sick sheep.The aim being to have the dog so tuned into his normal working environment that they can find a and separate out one injured sheep in 500.

  • Our dogs spend all their time either with myself in my busy IT office or with my husband in his 4×4 garage, therefore its been important to introduce the dogs at an early age to all kinds of noises. Beeping computers, and printers, to the air compressor, drills and chainsaws. They really do not care and are most likely to either sleep through it all or come and have a nosey at what we’re doing now.