I Wish I Knew…

I so wish I knew….

This is the one statement I hear time and time again when I’m out on the road training in other venues.

Often when I’m talking about an exercise or giving a demonstration that just seems like second nature to me now I hear gasps and sighs of “If only i’d known that when” or “Why on earth didn’t I think to try that”…

5 years ago I’d probably be saying the same thing but you can learn oh so much in 5 years and if you are anything like me I strive to keep learning…I am always a student first and a teacher second. you are never too experienced or too knowledgeable or too old to learn something new!

The thing is, it’s not like any of these things are closely guarded secrets held in some maximum security vault somewhere…a lot of the time it’s all about letting yourself be exposed to new things, opening yourself up to the opportunity of more creative concepts and novel ideas.

There is no getting away from it though…if only I’d known some of the things I know today 5 years ago I might have saved myself a whole lot of time and searching for the answer.

So here is my call to you…I want you to share with us and the rest of the readers one thing that….”If only i’d done/known that 5 years ago”

We believe that the more we all share the more we can all grow together…this can only be a good thing right?