Seeing The Dog In Front Of You

Ok, so firstly an apology….we missed a week – where on earth did that week go, its all a blur of pizza, pasta, prosecco and ice cream!

Last week I was away in Italy competing at the IFCS World Agility Championships and let’s just say trying to find a wifi signal was like mission impossible! I’ll be doing a blog post on my experiences at the world championships soon and the many things I learned.

But, in the meantime…I wanted to share something with you thats close to my heart. And that’s the ability to actually see and appreciate the dog in front of you!

It sounds simple right and many people wouldn’t give it a second thought but, and this is a big but…

Many people are missing some of the most special parts and moments with their dogs!…

They can’t see past what they wish their dog was, by the desire for the dog to behave differently because this is how their previous dog was or maybe they are blinded by what they think is or isn’t possible because of their dogs breed or other peoples’ expectations.

So in this week’s blog video I’m going to share with you some of the biggest insights I’ve had with both my own dogs and my clients dogs over my teaching career when it comes to clearing your mind of pre conceived ideas and seeing the dog that’s actually stood right in front of you!