The Courage To Teach Something New

The thing with teaching something new is that it takes COURAGE!

It takes courage to step away from what you know or what you know has worked in the past. It takes courage to know that one day inevitably someone other than you will see the new skill you have taught. And it takes courage to be okay with that and be okay with what others may think….be it the positives or the negatives.

But…if you have the courage to step away from the ‘norm’ and try something new even when the end is unclear and even though you know what you have done in the past would work again and again you will reap rewards so great it will blow your socks off.

About 3 years ago I wanted to teach something I never thought I could do and I started along a path that quite honestly I didn’t know where it would lead…I do now! and the transformation in me and my dog training is almost unrecognisable!….it’s AWESOME!

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