Two Key Areas In Your Life That Always Lead To Where You Want To Go


It’s a bold statement I know but wow wow wow, I have some really cool news that I wanted to share with you!

This week I have done something that I have never done before….together me and my Border Collie Tiki managed to win the last championship ticket we needed to become an “Agility Champion”

I really am over the moon and to be completely honest it made me a little bit emotional and put me into a rather reflective mood.

So we decided to shoot this quick video for you because although this is a successful time for me I found myself thinking about all the things that lead to this point – and the two key areas I think will lead to success for anyone no matter how you determine success for you.

We shot this in a busy hotel lobby on a rare day off between competitions so please excuse the hustle and bustle thats going on and really try to concentrate on the underlying message.

Your path to success is out there – it’s time to go find it!

Don’t forget to leave a comment on what success is to you and how you have found it or plan to find it!

And just because I love it here is Tiki’s winning run 🙂

  • Anthea Rocker

    Just great Lauren. What I needed to hear first thing. Believe and persevere but more than that, really appreciate my Mum, who at 95 is now sharing her home with me and 6 dogs.

  • Heidi N Poppie

    Well done. To believe and enjoy the journey. Two things that I have probably struggle with the most as I am more focused on worrying about getting there… but gonna try to change my focus. so proud of you guys. Can’t wait to catch up in July xxxx

  • Debbie Prince

    Well done Lauren, I do find your positivity and your enthusiasm quite inspirational! I saw you at SKC but didn’t want to intrude so didn’t say hello. To believe I can do it has always been a problem for me, my little Labrador is awesome, it is me who seems to let her down… need to believe in myself too!!! Thanks for your words, enjoy your day off!