Why I Became A Vet

It’s official – I’m now a vet! And since the news came out that I’m now a vet and from now on MUST be addressed as Dr Tom (just kidding) – many of you have asked why I became a vet in the first place?

I was already a dog trainer and behaviourist so why did I then set out to become a vet?

It’s probably not what you’d expect either…

We are such believers in the journey and building the team – whether that’s a team between dog and trainer, your inner team of all your skills or the team you have around you in your dog lives. It’s special!

We also have a super snazzy fitness and conditioning surprise for you at the end of the video (It got out of hand and has become a K9 fitness mini book!!!). It’s free, it’s downloadable and you have been asking for it so don’t miss out on that too!!

Download your FREE K9 Fitness Mini Book Here

(If this makes no sense watch our last blog post to explain all.