Follow Your Dreams & Find Out Where They Lead You…

So just over a year ago a very small chocolate pocket rocket whirlwind landed in our lives. She has not only changed my training philosophy but also wowed me from day one with her optimism, ability and positive outlook in the face of anything!

It hasn’t always been plain sailing, in fact we have had a few big struggles on our way but today we reached an awesome goal, one I never knew would happen so soon and one that literally blows me away!

So Blinkin Brilliant… here’s to you, here is to the future and here is too diligence, optimism, perseverance and believing that some things are just meant to be…….

Never stop following your dreams…you never know where they will lead.

What are your dreams, hopes and aspirations, we would love to hear all about it, take a look at this weeks blog and leave a comment below the video and have an awesome day!

  • Nikki Thurston

    Wow Lauren that brought tears to my eyes! What an amazing journey you two have been on! So lovely to see!

    My dream is to one day be as inspirational as you are!!

  • Anthea Rocker

    Wow, what a journey, I agree some things were meant to be. Against all my plans I have now Barry, Staffie Cross, ten months old. He was my son’s puppy and I had to pick them up from kennels after my son’s flat burned down, and then he was put in prison (not for arsen, that had been someone else). Fiddy, (Mum dog) will go back to my son (when he is out of prison) but I believe Barry was meant to come to me – and what a shock, such a different dog, such a loving dog, such a powerful dog. My dream for Barry is that we will compete at Crufts one day in either Freestyle or Heelwork to music! Bob is still here and no way forgotten. We achieved our goal for this year of getting up to G3 last weekend. My dream is that by the time I am 70 (64 at present) Bob and I will be G7 at KC.

  • Mandy Melville-Love

    Fantastic, inspiring video – I’m pretty sure that Blink will one day (soon!) make Ag Ch status. My dream is to get my very nervous Rommie rescue, Belle, into an agility ring one day. I so wish we had awesome, enthusiastic trainers near us like you, maybe my motivation and mojo would then return!

  • Zoey Trenkle

    You two are an amazing team!!! She is so fast and driven thanks to your talent and skill as a dog trainer, your belief in her, and your world class handling skills! A wonderful and beautiful achievement!

  • Sally Grove

    What a lovely vid thanks for sharing !!!

  • Teresa Hagreen

    Wow, I was in tears just reading the intro.
    You are a true inspiration to me not just for my agility dreams but in life in general.
    My dream for Sparky is to get him to AG CH status and I truly believe I can achieve this because of the amazing training I do with you and all the positive people I have around me.
    Thank you for sharing the start your journey and I look forward to seeing Blink in Champ & beyond

  • T Abell

    Great! Just watching you balancing your obviously active little Cocker and your adorable and just as active daughter while trying to get your video taped was inspiring.

  • Sylvie Van Autryve

    Just great!! I do have a dream with my youngest puppy, but that got shattered a few times with accidents that just happened randomly to her… She was scared of other dogs, noises and many more… I don’t have the expectations anymore, but the dream still lives on and we keep on working. One day we will get there!!

  • Jeannette Lankhaar

    Great introduction and beautiful pictures and impressive movies of the two of you Lauren! However, I have the feeling that you can bring any dog to an awesome level! 🙂

    My aspiration: about 10 years ago, my dog and soulmate Jaimi (cross breed) passed away at a high age. We accomplished so much together, knowing that he came to us from a rescue home at 2 years of age with a bad history of violence. Since January of this year, we have an 8 months old Standard Poodle and she is amazing and loves to work. My biggest aspiration now is that I will not go too fast in her training, preventing the pitfall of putting too much pressure on both of us. Maybe you have tips and tricks for me?

    P.s. Dizzy and I love to train on the Hi-K9 bed! Do you plan to make more blogs on training exercises on/with this bed?

  • Karen Boardman

    Wow well done Lauren and Blink. I’m sure it’s only 6 months since I watched you run together at your first KC competition!

    One of my dreams – to compete in one of the individual competitions at Crufts. The aim is novice cup or medium ABC with Flint at Crufts 2017 (don’t even know if he’ll measure small or medium yet!).

  • Jan F

    Wow!! What a fantastic team the pair of you are!!
    My dream is for Halle and I to look half as good as you and Blink – that would be amazing 🙂

  • Mary Louise

    crufts has always been our “long time goal” sadly looking less likely but we still hold out hope we will sneak in there one day!
    well done with your little whirlwind of a dog 🙂

  • Reet Volt

    I have many ‘competitive’ dreams for both obedience and agility. As we are still just starting out, they are a bit vague. Top level for both, sure, nationals, breed internationals, i don’t doubt it. Would Cup? Who knows! The thing is I have little doubts that we will be successful in the ring. Out side of it though… Lets just say one of my biggest dreams right now is to be able to go on a off-leash hike without having to worry about a biker passing us on the trail…

  • Lauren Langman

    The Lifeskills are for sure number one! Are you on academy? Loads of great Lifeksills and Naughty But Nice workhshop content there!

  • Lauren Langman

    Yes Tom my partner in absoluteDogs has an awesome standard poodle who features in many of the absoluteDogs videos 🙂 Yes we have more hi k9 bed videos happening – Tom is filming one as we speak with two dogs!

  • Lauren Langman

    Certainly an outgoing balancing act – well noticed – they are both super full on!

  • Lauren Langman

    It’s going to happen! I can see it for sparky and you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lauren Langman

    Thanks for your part Zoey xxxx

  • Lauren Langman

    Thank you Mandy – can’t wait to see Belle compete and hope to see you at a training day when we are travelling soon!

  • Lauren Langman

    I love your goals and your passion Anthea!

  • Lauren Langman

    Thank you for your part in this! So much fun and you are doing such an awesome job!

  • Jenny Schram

    Wonderful video Lauren, I love watching your exploits in a world away from mine. Iola my 3 yr old Welshie has been just superb on holiday in France, kayaking, sailing and chasing birds and seaweed, then impeccably behaved in crowds & towns too.
    My dream this year is for her to continue a happy fulfilled life whilst I juggle work and elder care. See you at Dash to Devon!

  • Jim Flood

    I have been fortunate to see you compete with Blink from the start and I can tell how much her progress means to you. I have a very simple dream, one that I know you’ll understand. I want to share a mutual bond between myself and my dogs that brings out the best in us all. I am a competitive person and what I take from you Lauren is the ability to be successful, whilst loving, enjoying and respecting these wonderful animals we get to share our lives with 🙂 x

  • Mary Louise

    will have a sit and think over the winter “break” 🙂 i do like to start the year with a new plan and new mini goals!

  • Debbie Prince

    You and Blink are an inspiration. Your daughter is adorable too! It seems ages since mine were so little! My dream is to win out of grade 3 with my lab, however I expect we will have to go up on points! Also to get a clear round within the course time with my GSD! On a more serious note just to enjoy Training and doing agility with my dogs whilst cementing the bond I have with them. X