Follow Your Dreams & Find Out Where They Lead You…

So just over a year ago a very small chocolate pocket rocket whirlwind landed in our lives. She has not only changed my training philosophy but also wowed me from day one with her optimism, ability and positive outlook in the face of anything!

It hasn’t always been plain sailing, in fact we have had a few big struggles on our way but today we reached an awesome goal, one I never knew would happen so soon and one that literally blows me away!

So Blinkin Brilliant… here’s to you, here is to the future and here is too diligence, optimism, perseverance and believing that some things are just meant to be…….

Never stop following your dreams…you never know where they will lead.

What are your dreams, hopes and aspirations, we would love to hear all about it, take a look at this weeks blog and leave a comment below the video and have an awesome day!