No Success Without Effort

If you set yourself a goal, you can see it, smell it, feel it and almost touch it you must be willing to take action to achieve it.

In order to achieve the goals that we are willing to say out loud and make real we also need to make sure we put plans in place to make the success of those goals much more achievable.

It takes effort and maybe some sacrifices to achieve any goal.

If you wanted to lose weight for example – things in your lifestyle would need to change.

You’d need to take ACTION and put things in place to help you succeed.

I set myself a goal for this year, and man, did I have to change a few things.


  • Sam Bowman

    Ha ha my other half has just pointed out how you would have gone out in the rain unlike me who moans about not getting anywhere (but couldn’t face Adams show in this!)

  • Gemma Fisher

    Setting good goals is exactly how to live the sort of life you want – but working out priorities and aligning those goals with that is what I struggle with and am currently working on. It’s hard to pack everything in! Congratulations on making all your hard work and effort pay off, you’re a great example of what can happen when passion and focus come together 🙂

  • Once I started to set goals in agility I saw things shifting to the brighter side 🙂
    This year I accomplished some of my agility goals however Bee’s calf muscle injury put a stop on our training for now more than 3 months so I pushed back the time frame.
    But without goals and working on them incl. changing some things… nothing gets done 🙂